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Within the walls of primary and secondary schools are multiple communities: parents, students, and faculty. To keep such a diverse audience informed, educated, and motivated, schools need to take a multi-channel approach.

Our platform combines the power of mobile text, voice broadcast and social media to deliver your message on the channel most relevant to your audience. That way, you cover your entire community -- parents, students, and faculty -- through just ONE solution. Easily collect parent, student or faculty contact information with an online sign-up page or keyword sign to keep them informed

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Parents   Students   Faculty
  • Send text messages and voice broadcasts for school closing or weather alerts.
  • Even minimize missed parent-teacher meetings or form due dates with a quick SMS reminder.
  • Reduce late tuition payments with text reminders several days before the due dates
  • Get parents more involved with fundraiser programs with text alerts for deadlines and pickups
  • Alert parents about report card distribution .


  • Add an exciting tab to your school Facebook page to highlight events, sports, and more!
  • Get feedback from students with multi-channel voting and even increase attendance of sporting activities with a short text messages
  • Encourage student participation with special program reminders
  • Enhance programs text-to-screen options to engage students
  • Send friendly text reminders to teachers for staff meetings and important upcoming deadlines
  • Use Text-to-Screen to start lively and constructive discussions on a large-screen display during faculty meetings
  • Allow the faculty to be heard by utilizing multi-channel voting for decision making

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